Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brain Sprinkles

At the end of summer, when I was making all the things I found on Pinterest, I made Brain Sprinkles.  I honestly forgot about them until we started our mid-year assessments.  I made a big deal about talking about how well our Quiet Spray worked.  The Quiet Spray is water and glitter mixed in a spray bottle with the straw inside removed.  When the students are "sprayed," they get quiet.  With this in mind, I told them that the Brain Sprinkles work to make them smarter when they take a test.  I shook the canister over each student's head before our testing.  They were so focused on their test!  The test scores were amazing.  I think I will definitely use them again next week (when we go into week 3 of testing).

To make your own Brain Sprinkles, use a sugar container.  Tape the holes completely.  Mix together rice and glitter.  I mixed them in a separate bowl.  I think that I am too much of a perfectionist - I had trouble getting the right consistency of glitter and rice.  Let's just say it took a ton of glitter to meet my standards. Hopefully, you can find a plastic sugar container.  The only one I found was glass.  It broke before school started thanks to my own klutzy behavior.  The second container I have is also glass.  Knock on wood, it has survived thus far!

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