Sunday, November 17, 2013

Writing Group

I have to admit teaching writing is probably my weakest area.  Writing is way down the list in importance in the district.  I need to change this..  Since I have a co-teacher (intern), I have decided to pull the highest level students in the third grade and work with them on writing skills.  We started this writing group one week ago. 

Here is the outline for the group:

1.  Warm-up - Draw than write.  This gives the students something to do while we settle in.  It also gets their brains going.  We also practice editing skills here.  As part of the warm-up, we review journals the students have written in during the week.

2.  Read aloud with written response.  My goal is to develop their responses more fully.  We will add to this each week.

3.  Writing mini lesson and practice.  I teach a mini lesson at this time.  The students then practice what is taught.  This can be done through groups, individually, or with partners.

4.  Create writing journals for the week.  I use computer paper for this.  There is a foldable writing journal that students can make.

Our first week went very well.  The students were so excited to be there.  I hope this continues.  It will also challenge me to teach things I have never taught before.

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