Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Activity Results

Yesterday was our last day with students before Spring Break.  I am excited to have a little break (although I have a lot of projects I want to complete).  We completed the jelly bean and Peeps activity I had previously written about.  They were huge hits!

First of all, my students completed the Peeps activity.  I had a great time watching them trying to figure out what was in the Easter eggs.  They tried to shake them, and there was no noise.  I tried to tell them that maybe I forgot to put something in them.  They knew there was something because they could see some color through the egg.  Most students predicted that there was candy inside.  When they opened them, the look of excitement was amazing!  The Peeps opened up.  The students furiously completed their prewriting sheet, and then used that to write their stories.  They were very creative. 

During math, we completed the jelly bean activity.  Having the jelly beans pre-portioned out was definitely an improvement over previous years.  I didn't worry about running out, giving students too many, etc.  It was a fun review of our objectives.  The students liked it.  I just need to think of another way to add some more creativity into this activity, because that was my favorite part of the Peep activity.

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  1. Loved the jelly bean math! And the students did,too! Since they each had their own egg of candy, there wasn't any arguing or complaining! A miracle! :)