Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Website

I have moved.  Click the picture below to visit my new website!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Moving, Freebies, and Some Randomness


Check out this week's Five for Friday linky!


Gourmet Cook - I don't want to brag, but I am a bit of a gourmet cook as evidenced by the pic below.

Grilled Cheese with Pickles - Yes Please!

My Newest Creation - Grilled Cheese and Pickle Sandwich -YUMMY!

See, I told you I was a gourmet cook!  If you would like to be a gourmet cook just like me, check out my affiliate link below to get the Orgreen Flip Jack Pan.  This is also great for making gourmet pancakes!  (FYI - I like it better than other products since it completely closes making it less likely for me to make a mess when I flip it over.)

Only about a minute on each side to make the perfect grilled cheese!


Kids Say... - The setting - Summer School Student Breakfast
       Student: "I will divide my bagel into half see you each get a piece."
       Me:  "If you divide into four pieces, that's called fourths.  You each get 1/4 of the bagel."  -                           Proceeds to demonstrate why this is true.
       Student:  "Wait!  That's fractions.  How could you try to teach math right now?  It's breakfast."

I am such a mean teacher trying to sneak learning in whenever possible.


Fifth Grade - Are you a Fifth Grade Reading Teacher using Scott Foresman Reading Street?  If so, check out Red Kayak, the first story in the series for a complete reading and spelling packet.  Click the pic below to check it out.

 Red Kayak (Scott Foresman Reading Street)


Annual Make and Take - Today is the annual Make and Take of some of my teacher friends.  I have tons of projects I want to make today.  Let's see how many actually get done.



Packing my Bags - I am packing my bags and getting ready to move to a new blog address.  Don't worry!  The layout and everything will still be the same.  I am just changing to an address that matches the name.  Everything here will remain the same so you can come back and reference any of your favorite posts.

Time For A Change, Courage

Please click the picture to check out my new site.  There, you will see a post for a freebie!  Check it out soon, because it won't last long!  I can't wait to see you there!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Five for Friday


Check out this week's Five for Friday linky!


Target Dollar Bins - I have been watching people post all their goodies from the Dollar Bins at Target.  I knew that I had to go.  I must say, I was a bit disappointed.  I didn't see anything like I saw people posting.  The only thing I got was Chalkboard Blocks.  I don't know how I will use them, but they look pretty cool!


Wilton Warehouse Sale - My mom and I went on our second annual stock up to the Wilton sale.  It's incredible!  If you are a fan of Wilton products, I highly recommend it.  I didn't get much this year (probably because I got so much last year, I still haven't gotten through it all).  For $15 I got 2 - 9 x 13 covered pans, a 9 x 9 covered pan, and a few other things.  I can't wait to start baking.


Throwback Thursday - I participated in a new linky party this week called Throwback Thursday. Click HERE to check it out.

<a href="Creative Teacher Resources"><img src="" alt="Creative Teacher Resources" /></a>


Show and Tell - I also participated in the Show and Tell link party.  Click HERE to visit.



Weekend - This is my first weekend with nothing really going on.  I am so excited to relax! Now to go enjoy my time off of from everything...

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Amazing Websites

                                    <a href="Creative Teacher Resources"><img src="" alt="Creative Teacher Resources" /></a>

I am excited to participate in the first ever Throwback Thursday with Creative Teacher Resources. Check out more links by clicking HERE.

The purpose of this link up is looking back at old blog posts.  I am always looking for something new to try in my classroom.  Because of this, I will sometimes forget things that I have tried in the past. This link up got me reading many of my old blog posts.

Check out this blast from the past...Amazing Websites for Teachers.  Some of the websites are the tried and true ones I love and use everyday.  Yet, as I reviewed the list, I found a couple I had forgotten how valuable they were.

Check the link for some Amazing Websites you can use in your classroom!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday in June

I'm excited to once again join Show and Tell Tuesday with Forever in 5th Grade. Click here to see other Show and Tell Tuesday bloggers.

I love going on walks in my neighborhood.  My favorite place to walk is by my front window.  I get to see my fur babies as I walk by!

Sunday was Father's Day.  I have to include a pic of my dad to celebrate.  My baby brother (he will always be my baby bro) just happened to be there too!

Going to Dollar Tree anytime soon?  Pick up this Baseball Base Set.  Stay tuned for a post on how to use this in your classroom.

The Ideas Box was something I got to try last month.  The best part?  It's totally free.  Click HERE to see how!