Saturday, May 14, 2016

Five for Friday: QR Codes, Podcasts, and More


I know it's technically Saturday,but oh well.  Better late than never!  Happy (late) Five for Friday!


QR Codes - I have become obsessed with creating/using QR Codes for my class.  They are so much fun and a different way of using technology in the classroom.  I created a free download on TPT for some stories from Storyline Online using QR Codes.  Click here for your free download.

QR Codes for Storyline Online


Podcasts - Another new obsession is listening to Podcasts.  I know that I am behind the times in that this is new for me and they have been around for such a long time.  Some of my favorites include Ted Talks, Free Teacher PD, and Happier with Gretchen Rubin.  Anyone have any other recommendations?

Area and Perimeter - I taped the tiles in different ways around the classroom, so my students could practice area and perimeter.  


Fat Ass 5K - Last weekend, I mentioned doing this walk.  It's so much fun!  There was live music throughout including a singing Fat Elvis!  There was so much food like donuts, trail mix, giant marshmallows, etc.  Along the way you could get pushed in a wheelchair, take pictures with clowns, and more!  I highly recommend this walk.

My Sister, Brother-in-Law, and Mom


Friday the 13th - I thought it would be a horrible day yesterday - the date, my co-teacher was absent, and it was Special Person's Day at school.  Instead, it was really nice.  My favorite part of the day was having the students write about their favorite memories from the school year and illustrating them.  They got really creative  by adding 3D effects, folding their papers to crate books, and lots of other fun things.

One student drew this one.  His favorite memory was me teaching him.  He even wanted to draw my shirt as accurately as possible!  Too cute!

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