Friday, April 8, 2016

Multiplication Freebies, Reading Game, and More!


I came back from Spring Break just in time to start PARCC Testing.  Isn't it great being back?Happy Five for Friday!


PARCC Testing - 4 days of PARCC Testing this week and 3 coming up (plus 7 days of testing another class - it's a long story) - I made up a little survivor kit for myself.  This kit contains Starbucks, Excedrin, Tylenol, a stress relief rollerball I found in my purse (How can I have forgotten I have this?), and tons of chocolate (only a fraction of the chocolate is pictured).  I highly recommend that you make up your own kit!

Speaking of chocolate, I ate so much this week, I am surprised I did not make myself sick.  I may have gained quite a few pounds.  It was worth it!

Multiplication Brain Breaks - I have started creating multiplication powerpoints.  Run the slide show and let it play for the students.  Feel free to edit them.  I have the answers on them so my students will learn them correctly.  I will eventually make more for every fact as well mix up the facts to challenge students.

Please keep in mind, these are pretty simple.  I have the students say the problems out loud over and over until the next slide.  Click here for your free brain breaks.


Teach Like a Pirate - This book was on a list of teacher books to read.  I am almost through with it.  I love it!  There are so many great ideas to help grow your teaching. If you are interested in getting your own copy, please click below. 


Anyone have any great teacher book recommendations?  I am trying to read at least one teacher book a month.  This is the first one I am really enjoying!


Reading Freeze Tag - This week, the weather has been miserable.  We couldn't have outdoor recess.  I wanted to get my students moving around.  After testing today, I took them to the gym and taught them a version of freeze tag.  One student is it.  They chase after the other students trying to catch them.  If a student needs a break from running, they may stop where they are and start reading their book out loud.  If they stop reading out loud, they can be tagged.

My students loved this game!  They wanted to play it during recess.  Too bad it was raining again and the gym was in use.  Oh well, we will play it next week.


Book Shelves - I wanted sconces around the opening towards my living room.  I couldn't find any I liked, but I had seen floating book shelves.  I had my dad install them for me.  (He's so handy!)  I will eventually find something to put on them.  For now, I will enjoy them.  They definitely add to my book theme that I have going.


  1. Reading freeze tag! That is BRILLIANT!!!!! I like your survival kit, too! I'm on spring break the week of April 18th. Then we're back for a week. The following week is Smarter Balanced (state)testing! I really need one of those survival kits and should probably make some for my colleagues as well!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Thank you! Good luck on your testing! I know your colleagues would love a survival kit!

  2. Love the Survival Kit! If you liked Teach Like a Pirate, make sure you read Learn Like a Pirate!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your book suggestion! I just added it to my to read list.

    2. thank you for the brain break! I will also check out the pirate book, one a month! I've been reading one for ...several months...I'm distracted by is good though, it's called Less Stress for Teachers by Helen Segura. I really like the reading freeze tag, I need to try that! thank you, Paula

    3. You are welcome! Reading is my form of entertainment. Thanks for the book recommendation and comments! I will add it to my list.