Friday, May 29, 2015

Five for Friday - The Heat is On


I am so glad that it is Friday.  I am still trying to get over being sick.  It's two weeks now.  It needs to end!  Happy Five for Friday!  


Heat - The 80 degree weather made for a pleasant dismissal.  Since that felt nice and cool, it must have been a million degrees in my classroom.  Frizzy hair and smudged makeup aside, I have no qualms about my dinner...Coldstone ice cream!  What a way to cool off!


Good News/Bad News - My principal gave me good news.  Next year, my classroom is getting new windows.  Our school definitely needs them!  The bad news is that I will be kicked out of my room for 2 weeks at some point between August and October.  He doesn't know where yet.  Everyone is getting displaced at some point.


Lapbooks - I first heard about lapbooks earlier this book, but I didn't really understand them. Lapbooks are like a mini interactive notebook.  Since I couldn't get my interactive notebooks going the way I wanted this year, I decided to try a math geometry lapbook.  My students had a lot of fun creating them.  Creating new ones is something else for me to work on this summer.



A Girl with a Cape - I know each week I have been including a book.  I have become a bit obsessed (even more than before) with books!  My mom gave me this book.  The author came to visit her school, and my mom had her sign a copy for me.  I read it to my students today, and they loved it!  I love the message.  It's a pay it forward message.

Product Details


NKOTB - My best friend and I went to the New Kids on the Block concert last weekend.  We had awful seats but loved the show!  Our highlight of the evening was talking with the dad of one of the new kids! Not embarrassed to say that I still love them after all these years!