Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break PD

Woo-hoo!  It is Spring Break!  I am definitely enjoying my time off.  I would like to shut my mind off of school and focus on my well needed break.  Yet, I am finding that difficult to do.  I follow We Are Teachers on Facebook.  One thing they posted was on fee 1 hour PD sessions.  Now, I do not need any PD.  I just feel the need to constantly find new strategies to try in my classroom.

Click here for the free PD sessions.  I checked out Teaching with Digital Games today.  It was interesting.  I didn't really get any new pieces of information.  However, it did make me reflect on the importance of using games to teach.  Here are some simple games.

Fly Swat - Students 'swat' answers to questions.

Checkers - Students have to answer the question before moving on their space.

Power Towers - Students answer the questions and make towers with the cups.

Odd One Out - Players take chips away in order to be the last one to remove one from the game.

Egg Carton Math - Use those leftover Easter eggs to create simple games with an egg carton.

Beach Ball - Write questions on a beach ball.  Throw the ball around the room.  Students answer the question they touch.

If you need more information about any of these games, please ask.  I can explain them in more detail.


  1. Love the checkers. I made one with subtraction problems and a dollar store game. The students love it! Only a few know how to play checkers, though, so it also gives me the chance to teach them a new game. Thanks for the idea!
    Sandy T.

  2. Thanks Sandy! It's amazing how the students end up enjoying these games better at recess time than anything else.