Thursday, February 19, 2015


Snow Day - Day 5 - This is now just getting ridiculous.  Oh well, it got me to think about other things to do in the classroom.  Here's one thing.

I went to a workshop at the beginning of the year.  One website that was suggested was Colar. Here's how to use Colar.

1.  Teachers can download specifically designed coloring sheets.
2.  Students then color them.
3.  With a phone, tablet, or iPad, download the Colar app.
4.  Scan the picture and it will become 3-dimensional for the students.


This makes a fabulous writing activity for the students.  The look on their faces when their picture comes to life is incredible.  Now, I just need to work on a Donors Choose project where I can get tablets or iPads for my classroom.  This way, I do not need to use my personal tablet or phone.  Until then, I will make do.

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