Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I am not going to lie.  I feel like the picture below.  How about you?  This has been and will continue to be a long school year!

There are days when I feel like my class is like a normal class, and then there are days like today. These days all I can think is "What is wrong with these kids?"  I feel like I am in a psych ward.
I have students that cry, throw temper tantrums, and just love to antagonize others.

In the past week, we got 2 new students.  One just has been out of school the past month.  I guess her family did not feel the need to show up until October.  The other is a special ed student transferring from another classroom so I could have all the third grade special ed students.  Bonus - This means I can have an aide all day (except today when I had no aide and no notice).

My most difficult student seems to have mellowed out.  He is suddenly on task, asks amazing questions, and participates in class.  The shift is phenomenal!  Don't go thinking that he has become an angel.  He still loves to push, shove, and whisper rude comments to other students when we are line.  At least he is improving.

Now my most difficult student is one that "hears and see things that are not there."  She has taken a huge dislike (understatement - hates) my new aide.  This doesn't help the meltdowns.  I hope that we can at least get a 504 in place for her soon.  I was getting a hassle about having a meeting about her. Apparently missing school to be in a psychiatric hospital as well as needing medication and seeing multiple therapists each week was not enough to get this started.  Today this gem brought in her 'cat.' She was pretty excited about this.  However, this also led to a long conversation between her and the cat (a stuffed animal) before lunch.  Oh well.  That stopped one meltdown.

There are plenty of other fun students as well - like the student that bursts into tears almost everyday after lunch because he is lonely.  A good day is only 2 or 3 students having a meltdown.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.  My poor resident is getting observed for the first time.  I want it to go well for him!

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