Sunday, October 19, 2014


I definitely have been slacking on writing any posts.  This year, I am truly overwhelmed!  Between my difficult class, extra duties, tutoring, etc. I hardly know if I am coming or going.  I am glad it is mid-October.  This year cannot go fast enough for me.

I thought I would include some of my favorite comments about my class so far as told to me by our specials teachers:
1.  They are the worst class since I have been here.
2.  If I had to grade the class' behavior, it would be a C-.
3.  It's like teaching Kindergartners.
4.  They are so mean to each other!  (This was literally right after our social worker did a lesson about using kind words to each other.)
5.  How are you not an alcoholic?  (This is my personal favorite!)

Each day, I am trying a new technique to get through to my students.  Last week, I had the social worker visit, tried positive phone calls, called him with the student during the middle of the day, put parent phone numbers on post-its for certain students to see each day.  We are continuing our lessons about behaviors.  We also have reinforced our Student Shout-Outs.  Something has to work...I hope!

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