Thursday, August 21, 2014

Reddit Gifts

A couple of weeks ago, I posted how teachers can register for supplies for their classroom from a donor. Today, I got 2 boxes from Amazon from my donor!  I can't get over the generosity of people.  Check out my goodies below.  I can't wait to take them to school!


  1. Not too imaginative, I know, but I hope you find them useful. I was a Chicago Public School teacher (high school English) until I resigned this year due to a couple of horrible years in a row and an admin from hell. I also went unmatched when I entered the Gifts for Teachers last year. I wanted to make up for it, and I hope I did, though I could swear there was supposed to be a lot more chalk.

  2. This was an incredible gift! It was more generous than I could imagine. I know I really appreciate it and know that my students will too. I am sorry that you resigned from teaching. I understand how administration can definitely do that to you. I can't thank you enough.