Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School

Last week was my first week back to school.  I can't get over how exhausting it was!  I would wake up, get to school early, stay late, and work at home to get more things done.

Some interesting moments:
1.  Having former students give me their puppy dog faces every time they see me.
2.  Hearing one student shout out, "Why aren't you married already?" while the rest of the class went crazy when my co-teacher showed a picture of his family which included his girlfriend.
3.  Air conditioner went out in our classroom.
4.  Daily conferences with a "helicopter" parent.
5.  One student lying with perfect ease on a regular basis.
6.  Already making 2 phone calls home from behavior.
7.  Dealing with crazy students in the 2 hour after-school locker party on Friday.  Insane does not even begin to describe this.
8.  There was one point I wanted to bang my head against the wall.  I assigned two students to go around and help other students.  One of the girls came up to me frustrated that everyone kept calling her name. Welcome to my world!

I forget how needy the students are at the beginning of the year.  This group has some really high students and some really low ones.  I also have a chatty group.  That needs to end!  I hope I can get them straightened out soon.  I want a good year!


  1. Your class sounds like mine. I look forward to reading about how you get the talking and lying under control. I have little natural hair color left and would like to keep those strands from turning gray. :-)

  2. I understand about the gray hairs! I am curious about the strategies you try too. This class will definitely make this year tough!