Friday, June 6, 2014

Walking Club

I must admit that I have been a bad blogger lately.  Is the stress of the end of the school year getting to anyone else?  We still have about a week left of school.  I am scrambling to figure out how to pack up my classroom when I am never in my classroom.  I have been doing a lot of subbing lately - this time in fourth grade (they seem like adults compared to my third grade babies!) and first grade (made me glad to be in third grade).  My students are feeling neglected and are wondering if I will ever be back in the classroom.

When I am in the classroom during recess time, I have started Walking Club.  I did this a couple of years ago with some students that didn't participate in recess.  Now I do it to earn mileage on my Fit Bit! Basically, we walk around the playground while others play.  I let them get all of their stories out and ask their millions of questions.  Our club varies between 2 and 10 students throughout recess.  They get so excited for recess so we can do our walking!  I have also added a charity component.  (I am big on teaching my students to give back to others.)  There is a great app called Charity Miles that allows users to track their walking and corporate sponsors give to the charity of your choice.  Our club chooses a charity each time and are excited to see how much we walked at the end.  I like this time because I can keep track of my students playing on the playground, get my students moving, teach compassion, have great conversations, and get my own walking in!

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