Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy Week

Last week was extremely busy for me (and it didn't help that I threw my back out!) so I didn't get a chance to write much.  Today was not much better.  My eyes have gone crossed looking at all the order forms for all the books next school year.  We are supposed to get a new math and reading series.

Let me leave, with some student comments from last week's career fair presentations.  We had 6 people come to visit the different classrooms to talk about their jobs.  Enjoy!

1.  "Can I see your muscles?" - to the fireman

2.  ""My dad is fixing a car and having trouble with the brakes.  Can you come to my house and fix it?" - to the car assembly worker

3.  "Remember when you helped a woman stuck behind the Walgreens?  That was my mom." - to the policeman

4.  " you give the doctor the shot to give to people?" - to the poor medical coder (The students still do not understand her job.)

5.  Nothing was said in this one.  However, the look on the student's face when he was called up by the police officer to help him and then was handcuffed was priceless!  This was especially rewarding for me since this boy is sneaky and I have trouble catching him causing problems.  If only I had a camera at that time!

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