Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Writing

Woohoo!  Last day before Spring Break!  I am really excited about it, even if it means subbing again.  I do like the class that I am substituting in.  I also love the ideas that I am getting.  

One activity we completed today was a writing assignment.  The students all got a sheet of stickers (shown on the left in the picture below).  They got the create a picture on the top of the page and write a story on the bottom explaining the picture.  These stickers were perfect because it gave the opportunity to create an actual picture for the students to write about.  Some students chose to write fiction stories while others choose nonfiction stories.

In the future, I may do this with my class for a variety of holidays or just a fun activity.  I may even do the stickers on one page with the writing on another.  This would allow me to have the students go through the writing process.

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