Monday, March 24, 2014

Tougher Behavior Guidelines

Throughout the school year, I use a behavior chart for my students.  I normally have 5 colors with consequences getting worse and worse each time the color gets flipped.  After Spring Break, I normally go down to 4 colors.  Since our Spring Break is not for a few more weeks, I knew I could not hold out. Starting today, we are at 4 colors.  I told my students that since ISAT is over, I need to prepare them for 4th grade.  There are no more warnings for my students.  If their card is flipped, there is no recess.  I will still flip the positive way since I do not want my students to be discouraged if their card is flipped.  I do not flip all the time.  Normally students are crazy this time of year.  This has helped in the past.  Hopefully it helps now.

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