Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Thoughts

1.  My Donors Choose project was fully funded last night - only 2 days to fund it!  I was so excited.  I received an email today that stated my Scholastic News were already being shipped.  I highly recommend it!

2.  I was working with a couple of students at the back table and had the following conversation.
Student 1 - "Miss Barker you have a gray hair!"
Me - "You gave me that gray hair."
Student 1 (Now to Student 2) - "Student 2, Miss Barker said you gave her gray hair."
Me to Student 1 - "I didn't say that.  I said you gave me gray hair.  This is exactly why I have a gray hair!"

You have got to love students.  You never know what they will say.

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