Saturday, February 15, 2014

Random Updates

1.  Most important, my student with the eye injury is definitely improving. She shouldn't need more surgeries. Her mom says she should hopefully be able to come back in two weeks.

2.   I did try the hot seat questions. My students love them! The only problem is they are constantly looking under the chairs. I need to train them to only look when I say it is hot seat time. Plus, since we've only done it twice, I have some students that pout because they haven't had a question. We definitely need to nip that in the bud!

3.  I got everything ready for the heart Valentine's Day writing of positive notes. I tried to introduce the lesson with the whole crumbled heart analogy. It was going great until the students saw a spider on my leg. For people who know me, they know I have a completely irrational fear of spiders. After I shook the spider off of me, I just gave the students the hearts to fill in. I gave up on the beautiful analogy.

4.  The writing lesson I had created for author's purpose using candy hearts was really nice for me. The students worked so hard on it and were quiet. This was not an easy task as they were pumped full of sugar. It was actually a highlight of my day. After they finished the writing, we immediately used the same candy hearts for estimation purposes. I will definitely combine the two next year.

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