Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Centers, Part 2

I started reorganizing my math centers.  I figured that I had a system in place for reading but struggled in math.

For the math centers I took a 10 drawer cart and numbered them. In each drawer,  I put educational games we have used in class along with some other activities.   This is similar to what I have done before.

The biggest difference from what I have done before and now is that I no longer assign students to the centers.  They are allowed to choose where they want to go and what to work on. 

Each student has a file folder in which they store all work, write a brief description of where they were and what was learned, and a teacher comment sheet.  I look through these folders and make comments as needed and grade completed work.

I must admit that it was hard to give up full control.   I thought that students would play with friends and not work.  Instead I have been pleasantly surprised!   My students were actually more engaged in these centers.  Some students gravitated to independent work while others worked in groups.  Some wanted to show off and only do challenging work. Don't get me wrong,  I still had some students that played around.   This time I had the ability to make my students accountable. 

Next up - Reading Centers!

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