Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Envelopes

One thing I have played around with through the years is the idea of a weekly envelope with student work.  Over the years, this has changed.  Some changes have gone better than others. 

This year, I decided to send home envelopes on Mondays.  In the past, I have always sent home work on Fridays.  The problem with the is that students tend to forget to bring the envelopes back on Mondays.  Changing the date makes the envelopes much easier to get the work back.

I know that some teachers are good about sending home weekly reports with the students' work.  I tried this but quickly became overwhelmed.  I couldn't keep up.  Now, I have a simple sign off for parents on the envelope.  There is a spot for them to record comments.  I could add my comments in here as well.  Much simpler! 

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