Saturday, September 21, 2013

Take Home Folders

In the past, I have given all the students the same color folder to use as a take home folder.  I find it easier to end the day when saying, "Everyone take out your yellow take home folder."

This year, I decided to stick with the same color folder but add in a new component.  I used folders with the brads in the middle, turned another folder inside out, hole punched it, and placed it in the middle of the yellow folder (I like yellow for a folder because it is bright and easy to find).  I labeled the pockets with different words like homework, notes, reading log, and practice.  On the outside of the folder, I glued on a cursive alphabet and stuck educational stickers on it.  I then covered the folder in contact paper to help it last for durability.  So far, so good.

I put the student's name on their folder.  I took this picture as a reminder for students to take their folder and student planner out of their book bag each day.

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