Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cheap Cheap!

Calling all teachers!  The deals are finally starting.  Get them now.  Here are some deals:

Office Max - 1 cent deals - folders and glue (with $5 purchase), 50 cent composition books, ream of paper is $6.99 with $6.98 back in rewards

Staples - 1 cent deals for erasers, index cards, pens (with $5 purchase)

Please note, there is a limit on the items.  However, most stores give you a classroom set with teaching id.

I like to stock up on school supplies, because my school gives nothing.  I also like to use the supplies as incentives later in the year.

***7/8/13 Update - Staples apparently has no limit for teachers.  However, you have to pay full price up front and get the rest back in Staples rewards.  Office Max will start teacher limits next week (double the item amount listed).  This week, the limit is what is posted.

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