Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Math Groups

One of my favorite activities this past year was my weekly math groups.  I was lucky enough to have a co-teacher which meant we each had half the class during our Friday groups.  The students ask all week to be in the groups.  If there is a Friday where we have the day off, we had to make up the day.

With my group, I followed a very set program for my students.  The Friday group was a back-to-basic routine.  Therefore, I started my group in addition.  I let the students move at their own pace.  I have binders with all the sheets I need.  For example, in the addition group, I start with 2 digit no regrouping followed by 2 digit with regrouping.  It progresses from there.  I tried to have multiple sheets for each level.  If a child seems to get it, I move them ahead a bit.  When the child seems to master addition, I give them an assessment.  If they pass the assessment, I move them into subtraction.  I have a binder for this too which has a similar format. 

I would let the students work together on these.  Even though students were on different sheets, they were able to teach/learn from each other.  Anyone having difficulty with something in particular would work with me in an even smaller group. 

When students finish their "work" for the day, they get a coloring sheet that practices the basic facts.  It was a fun way to get students to learn their facts.

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